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Xeeder in FHA2016
(May 04)
FHA2016 Singapore Expo
(Jan 30th)
Happy New Year 2016
(Jan 01,2016)
Xeeder internet+ lock attract people in New York
(Nov 23th)
The Hotel Experience 2015 in New York
(Oct 08th, 2015)
2016 Xeeder New Model hotel locks
(Sep 22)
2015 Xeeder New Product Launching
(Sep 10 2015)
Xeeder New Product Launching 2015
(July 03 2015)
Mobile key attract buyers in HOFEX 2015
(May 25 2015)
Visit us on 6-9 MAY at HOFEX 2015
(April 14th)
Xeeder Mobile Key lands in Apple's app store
(Mar 27th,2014)
2015 Spring Festival Holidays
(Feb 07)
Xeeder MobileKey Revolution
(Nov 02th)
Sailing series new hotel lock
(Sep 29th,2014)
Xeeder NFC lock approved
(Aug 12th 2014)
New encoder 2014
(July 30th)
Xeeder will not change bank account
(June 14th,2014)
Xeeder product in Thailand Pattaya
(June 13th,2014)
Xeeder in Peru 2014 R.G.C
(June 05th, 2014)
How to use PMS interface
(May 28th 2014)
NFC encoder works on smartphone
(Mar 09th,2014)
Wall reader&Elevator reader upgrade
(April 11th 2014)
3 way send Xeeder mobile key
(April 04,2014)
LMA upgrade
(Mar 31,2014)
MobileKey SMS Tool
(Mar 03,2014)
New year holidays
(Jan 21th)
NFC mobile support models list
(Dec 05 , 2013)
Function Upgrade Notice
(Oct 31th ,2013)
Top10 of China Hotel industry 2012-2013
(Sep 25th 2013)
Xeeder in 5th IOTexpo
(Sep 05th 2013)
(Aug 20th,2013)
NFC Xeeder Mobile Key
(July 09th 2013)
Networked lock Connection in 2013
(June 18th 2013)
NFC Forum Salon-NFC in university
(May 30th 2013)
Hotel Lock System 5.857 new feature
(May 07, 2013)
Micros-Fidelio Interface Guide
(Jan 25th 2013)
2013 Happy New year!
(Dec 24th 2012)
SGS ISO 9001 annual audit in Xeeder
(Dec 10th,2012)
(Sep 29th,2012)
Venice new color on sale
New elevator controller
(July 23th 2012)
XEEDER 6th Anniversary
(July 06,2012)
Xeeder product show in Myanmar
(June 30th 2012)
Xeeder in SMES-Security MiddelEast show2011
LMA v1.2 upgrade notification
(Nov 07,2011)
Xeeder in Hotelga 2011
MICROS-Fidelio OPERA Interface approved
CEO in Hotel Product Awarding Rewards
Xeeder 5th Anniversary Dinner
(July 22th 2011)
Encoder installation in Windows7
Xeeder in 20th Hotelex Shanghai
(April 13 ,2011)
Xeeder in Indonesia Building Tech Expo 2011
Celebrate 2011 spring festival
2011 the Spring Festival
(Jan 20,2011)
Christmas Day with agent in Malaysia
(Jan 01,2011)
(Jan 01,2011)
Xeeder lock in Asian Games Village
(Dec 02,2010)
(Aug 19, 2010)
Series Compare form
Networked lock wireless
(July 27,2010)
EMC Test Report for networked lock
(July 21,2010)
Spanish language Pack
Upgrade Notification
(Mar 25,2010)
Xeeder Lock interface
(Mar 13,2010)
Xeeder in South Africa
(Feb 26,2010)
Spring Festival 2010 holiday Notice
(Feb 5,2010)
One card for different applications
(Dec 30,2009)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
(Dec 23,2009)
Xeeder in 41st Xenia EU
(Dec 1,2009)
About Multi-Language function
(Oct 18,2009)
Hotel lock passes Fire resistant test
(Sep 28,2009)
EOL Notification
(Sep 26,2009)
Networked lock test over
(Sep 18,2009)
Miami Exhibition
(Sep 16,2009)
Manufactory moves to new work place
(Aug 19,2009)
International Hotel Supplies Exhibition
(Aug 15,2009)
Team Travelling-For anniversary
(Aug 5,2009)
Diagram of networked lock v 2.0
(Jul 8, 2009)
Hotel lock system new version
(Jun 26,2009)
Malaysia partners visit xeeder
(Jun 24,2009)
Networked lock inside test start
(Mar 21,2009)
The Spring Festival 2009 holidays Notice
(Feb 20,2009)
Xeeder moves to new work place
(Nov 27,2008)
RFID encoder pass test in Windows Vista
(Nov 3,2008)
Room Thermostat(New model) Release
(Oct 25,2008)
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