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Xeeder NFC lock approved-Xeeder Technology Co.,Limited
Xeeder NFC lock approved
Time:Aug 12th 2014

July 29, 2014, Xeeder NFC smart locks  passed "National Security Alarm System Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing)" and "Ministry of Public Security and Police Electronic Products Quality Inspection Center" test, each term performance parameters and safety indicators in line with the national Ministry of Public Security GA 374 standard, which is the world's first NFC phone through the detection of intelligent locks.

   GA 374 detected a total of 39 projects, including the lock body structure, the lock shell strength, shock and vibration test, the free drop test, anti-mechanical technology enabled, information key security, anti-static test, high temperature test, resistance to RF radiation interference, fire test, the number of times the service life, I Division in April 29, 2014 submission L5208-NFC locks, after a period of three months of rigorous testing, the indicators are all tested and meet the harsh conditions of a-level standard .




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