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NFC Xeeder Mobile Key-Xeeder Technology Co.,Limited
NFC Xeeder Mobile Key
Time:July 09th 2013

Currently most of the hotels and restaurants are still using the traditional function-based  RFID electronic locks, guests have to go to the front desk check, extend staying room, check-out room and get keycards.
It waste a lot of time while many guests waiting for check in and check out.It is even result in unnecessary losses.


In the mobile Internet times, users are increasingly dependent on mobile phones, a lot of hotel management company also launched a mobile booking rooms Apps.
Xeeder Mobile Key offers a solution that guests open the door by the mobile phone after completed check-in. No longer go to the front desk to get a keycard.
Guest private mobile phone become the identify media directly.The unlocking key can be sent to mobile phone after remote hotel reservation done.
After guest check-out time,the unlocking key will lapse automatically.
This application give great convenience because it saves time much more. Of course, it is also a very fresh, cool experience. For hotel managers, guests booking, check-in, check-out automatically carried through the internet, improve the efficiency of the management of the hotel.




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