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Hotel Lock System 5.857 new feature-Xeeder Technology Co.,Limited
Hotel Lock System 5.857 new feature
Time:May 07, 2013

Hotel Lock System 5.857 new feature

new version feature

1. No driver required for Encoder.
It 100% support windows 7 32bit and 64 bit version.

2.Packet card new function added.
It combine with 2 mainf cuntion, the origin packet card function and Area card function.
Area card will not exist anymore.

3. MF S70 card support 72 random rooms.

4. MF S70 card support lockevents saved in card.

5. Loss-report card new function added.
It have ability to stop any body using one door.

6. Passage card new function added.

Passage mode will effected by 2 condition.
1) read Passage card, the door have available to open passage mode. this is a total switch
2) after 1), the card with passage On function, will make the door in passage mode.

7. Door alarm adjust available, opening melody select available.

The above new feature only in v5.857 Hotel Lock System. It requires software and hardware support.
Xeeder will offer new hardware from the 2nd week of May 2013.

If you want to enjoy the above new feature, you must use new version PCB and new version software.
Notes: Xeeder do not offer old PCB upgrade service because the new PCB is different with the old and can not upgrade

by just writing firmware. We only offer new PCB from new order.



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