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MICROS-Fidelio OPERA Interface approved-Xeeder Technology Co.,Limited
MICROS-Fidelio OPERA Interface approved

MICROS-Fidelio is the most popular front desk/reservations system used in thousands of hotels worldwide especially high level star hotels. Many hotel chains have it implemented in all their hotel properties.

MICROS-Fidelio OPERA includes different function modules such as credit cards interface, door access interface, building control interface, internet etc. Each interface must get passed the strict testing and pay the high licensing fees.

As the door access function interface, it requires 3 months running record in hotels before get licence.Xeeder Hotel lock system already get licence and get in the name list of Opera (Part No.: IO-5003-114/Product  name : Xeeder Hotel Lock /Product code : XHL /IFC8 product code :FIAS_XHL).

All Xeeder hotel lock user hotels could make program room keycard in the MICROS-Fidelio OPERA.



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