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Top10 of China Hotel industry 2012-2013-Xeeder Technology Co.,Limited
Top10 of China Hotel industry 2012-2013
Time:Sep 25th 2013

September 12th, the annual hotel industry "Oscar" ceremony is hold for hotel suppliers in China.
The award organized by the HC360 'Change the industry's future - 2013 HC360 hotel industry Top Ten Award Presentation Ceremony" opened in Beijing. The hotel lock (Xeeder) and TV (PHILIPS) were awarded the "2012 - 2013 annual China hotel industry the most popular electronic door locks suppliers and commercial TV suppliers"award.

Since March 1st the selection activities of Top10 of China Hotel industry 2012-2013 began, there are nearly 4000 enterprise and individuals participate in the selection, through online voting, two expert review and other layers of screening, the major awards finally come out.

Xeeder's mobile key product won the admiration comes from the judges.



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