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Xeeder Lock interface-Xeeder Technology Co.,Limited
Xeeder Lock interface
Time:Mar 13,2010

PMS- Property Managerment System, is a name of all systems which is developped and using for manage the property such as the Hotel/sMotels/Service appartments/Stay homes/resorts /Restaurants &Bars
It is a most important system to integrate all resource necessary for the property.

Xeeder hotel lock already got successful installation in over 20 countries/regions, It is required to gives solution that allows our Hotel Lock System functions working available in the PMS.

In the past 3 months working,Xeeder lock interface already passed the test and running in the PMS comes from IDS corporation in India.

The IDS PMS already able communicate with xeeder hotel lock system v5.8 and achieve to issue Guest cards.

The details are following:
1.Xeeder Lock Interface including a client and the DEMO(It is PMS in the hotel system). The client exchanges information with DEMO(PMS) by TCP/IP proticol. Demo(PMS) is used to send command,Client side is used to execute command,programming card is at this side.
2.Through TCP/IP protocol, writing relevant data into hotel PMS, it is able to communicate with Xeeder Lock Interface client.
3.As the data format we have defined in advance, write the commands in hotel PMS system, such as check in, check
out, verify card,lift function,data storage format in card, etc. Then send these commands to interface client, can
succeed to execute these commands at the client side that can issue guest card, do check-out, verify card content.
4.In the testing DEMO, it is visual that commands are sent from DEMO to interface client, also these commands can be
changed or modified in the text box of DEMO window,including the connection status. If do any operation in DEMO, users can check if the command data is correct. If so, send it to client, if not, can modify the data immediately. This is more easier for engineer to do debugging. Also when do repeated development, engineer can refer to the data format and tansferring way of commands in the DEMO.





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