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Xeeder in 41st Xenia EU-Xeeder Technology Co.,Limited
Xeeder in 41st Xenia EU
Time:Dec 1,2009

Nov 27 to 30, 41st Xenia at Metropolitan Expo is annually hold in Greece, xeeder hotel products are successfully exhibited in this famous exhibition first time.

Xenia at Metropolitan Expo  is most famousexhibition in Greece, which mainly provide a stage for all kind of  advanced hotel supplies and devices. Executives and representatives from various companies from hospitality and the HORECA,  including Hotel, Restaurant, Café  etc., visit and communicate each other face to face with their supplies and orders. D&C ELECTRONICS company is xeeder's distributor in Greece and show our products at this exhibition. 

Xeeder's Hotel Locks, Networked Locks and Networked energy Switchs are exhibited at HALL 2, Booth No. 26 in Exhibition Center. All of them are the xeeder newly developted and are in customers good graces with its approving function. Networked lock is a new product which make all locks into a LAN instead of traditional seperated locks, aotomaticly upload the records to PC, it's more safer and cost effective. Especially the networked Energy Switch, help save energy more convenient. The exhibition fully give expression to xeeder's strong latent capacity and Customer Focus philosophy.



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