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One card for different applications-Xeeder Technology Co.,Limited
One card for different applications
Time:Dec 30,2009

MIFARE Classic (Standard) which has 3 types: MIFARE Classic 1K, 4K and Mini, is widely used in all walks of life. 1MIFARE Classic K contains 16 sectors with 1024Byte of data storage. Sector is protected by two keys A and B, and they can be programmed for operations such as reading, writting, increasing value blocks, etc. These cards are not all space can be used for data storage, some of them is used storing the card information and are read only. Each sector can be used for storing different data information with different transaction, this depends on the card encryption in the first time. With the full advantages, MIFARE is applied widly in hospitality industry.

Xeeder Hotel Lock System also adopt 1MIFARE Classic K card as the lock keycard to record locking information. Because this type card offers 16 sectors and xeeder hotel lock is just used one sector of card, so if your building already has used MIFARE card , you can define the storage data of xeeder hotel lock system in other sectors which is free, instead of using new card as your keycard. As the graph, there are guest rooms, parking, club, shop, library in your building, the keycard to pass these place completely can ultilize just one card, only store data in separate sector, it is enough to achieve One Card Solution in management. E.g. if the 0-6 sectors has been used as other function, you can define in 7-15 sectors. So that achieve all applications are used in one card and save the cost, especially suitable for school and department.

There are three places must be changed or selected when define data sector of card in Xeeder System:

  • Select sector when encrypt cards.
  •  After encryption, select which sectors to store data sector when programe authorized card.
  • Modify the sector in configueration file.





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