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Hotel lock system new version-Xeeder Technology Co.,Limited
Hotel lock system new version
Time:Jun 26,2009

As new requrest has been feedbacked from hotel users, new version had been determined and in developing.

New features:

  • Integrate 4 type view mode(Large icon,List, small icon and details) to one 1 mode.
    In this mode each room status will show directly in block unit include card No, Room ID, Room status, people No.Online(networked),Open action(networked) 
  • Add "search lock events" menu in each room's mouse selection. If you select room and click it, the all lock events will show as date range selected(only for networked lock).
  • Add new value 'Room Name'.
    This is for the rooms which do not use Number, such as Kitchen or Control room etc..
  • Add emergency button
    This is a button that releases all doors to Passage mode for the fire or other emergency case. (only for networked lock).



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