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     Support >> Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the xeeder's general questions and answers section. Each month we update the answers to reflect the latest changes in.These questions and answers came from hotel clients and xeeder's agent all over the world. We hope you find answer of your question. If not, please write to

  • What kind of warranty do you offer for your product?
    XEEDER TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED('Xeeder')warrants that our products are free from defects in material and workmanship.Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below,Xeeder will at its option, either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials.
    Replacement products (5% core parts)will be provided at the time we despatch goods on an exchange basis, and will be either new or refurbished to be functionally equivalent to new.
    This warranty does not cover any damage to this product that results from accident,abuse,misuse,natural or personal disaster or any unauthorized disassembly,repair or modification.This limited warranty also does not apply to any product on which the original identification information has been altered, obliterated or removed, has not been handled or package correctly, or has been sold as second-hand.

    ONE-YEAR WARRANTY  All Xeeder products are covered by this warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchased from  authorized Xeeder distributor/agent: Xeeder Hotel lock system™ , energy saving switch, room Thermostat, stand-alone keycard lock,XAS™ and all necessary accessories.

  • I have never installed the hotel lock product, I'm afraid of installation.
    Our hotel lock product was designed by target of using friendly at the beginning.Please download Manual from download center. Also there will be CD packed together with product which will guide you how to install and use it.They are easy than your imagine.
    In case you meet the problem we can not help you to solve it by telephone and other way. We are willing send people to your project do indication work.On this way, please afford our staff's travel fee and arrange a staying place.It will be appreciated.

  • Hotel is near sea,how to prevent locks from water?
    We met several client has the same question.For this case, IC hotel lock is not prefered because it is more easy to destroyed by unexpected water or dust. IC hotel lock is suggested installed in a clean and inroom place.
    For the case lock should exposed under sun. We suggest the L5218-M1 model plus a rubber shield which prevent water. However unless a rubber is necessary for you, it is not necessary and not beautiful for appearance.

  • What kind of door allow install your hotel lock?
    Usually there are wood door and metal door(maby not solid metal but surface only).The friendly door for our product is wood hollow door. It is easy to place the mortise inside. For the metal door, please dig hole in advance under the guide of the slotting template.
    Another important parameter is the thickness.Our most model hotel lock requires doors is at least 4.0cm(1.57inch).The default max is 5.0cm(1.97inch). If your doors beyond the default max, please inform us so that we can do customize screws for you.
    Xeeder Stand-alone keycard lock is same in the request of door as hotel lock's.

  • Can you tell me how to learn the left or right direction of the door?
    There are difference of handle and latch for left and right direction doors.User should learn what's left door and what's right door.This is very important because a unproper direction lock can‘t be installed.

    Above guide is the usually 4 kind directions.
    Xeeder default product is R(Rh) and L(Lh) which are right-hand push style and left-hand push style. In case your door is pull style please inform us on time because the reversed type requires a reversed latch.We will do it for you before packing.
    Xeeder Stand-alone keycard lock is same in the request of door as hotel lock's.

  • Your lock use the AA(LR6) battery, How long can it work?
    Lock spend power on the time read card ,unlocking and drive motor. There will be a brightness blue or red light depends on card and beep.It not spend power for closin.
    In theoretics, a standard group 4pcs X AA alkaline battery has 25,000 times unlock life. However the real case is different because the lock will be locked by deadbolt by guest when they are sleeping.Our hotel lock has the deadbolt awoke light in the sensor window which is a small red light flashing continuously.Also the sensor inside lock requires power to detect the card in front of it always.(lock don't know when there will be a card, So it will keeps detectiong whenever by a very low power drived).
    The result is that it has 12 months life for a frequency at 20 opening/day.  

  • What is Hotel Lock System ? Is it a PMS(Property Management System)?
    This is a general system that made up of 4 parts.
    -Card holder- it included hotel staff and guests.
    -Xeeder hotel lock product- each xeeder hotel lock has real-time clock and room ID memory built-in.
    -Card- the media exist between the holder and doors(xeeder hotel lock)
    -Hotel lock system v5.50 soft-this is actually a card management software. Each card will be programmed and be saved info in such a system. When the card running in the hand of holders, it is check and tracking records available.
    This system is Not a Property Management System. It has basic door and keycard management function. However we can supply technology document to help you combine it in your exist hotel PMS.
    There are several world famous PMS such as Opera, Fidelio,Landmark

  • Can we use our own encoder to program key cards?
    You can use your other brand Mifare(or IC) card but must use xeeder encoder.Still hotel requires safe enough for all guests.Each xeeder encoder is encrypt before packed in factory.Xeeder safe encryption include both keycard and encoder.With out encoder no body can read the info saved in card via other brand encoder.
    But keycard is universal standard. User can purchase card from any store.We offers encrypt tool to let user program it able on xeeder encoder.

  • How can we get the lock events?
    Xeeder hotel lock allow user get lock events by a device LMA.Each hotel lock saves 800 lock events cyclely including Opening time/Card type/Card No./Room No.You can use your other brand Mifare(IC) card but can not use your encoder

  • Your software can combine with Fidelio system?
    As a world famous hotel system, Fidelio is popular in many regions and welcome by new installed hotel. We are trying to get a licence to let soft match Fidelio able.

  • We need change software to our logo.We need change the software language to ours,not english.
    Xeeder Hotel Lock system is writen by xeeder's engineer which has usually marked 'xeeder'. We accept request change to your own logo but please offers logo in clearly jpg format.
    About the language, the software's default language is english. Actually in each CD we give to user there is a tool named' language tool' included. It is a translate tool that allows user change each word to their own language whatever it is.

  • How can I register it and finish all setting to start a normal use?
    It requires 1.Authorized card, 2. Licence code from us to register it. Please do contact with us for purchase demo kit lock firstly.

  • Can I limit software's using term as a trial edtion?How to do that?
    Yes you can. In each CD packed with locks there is a tool named ' encrypt tool' included. There is a button 'licence code'.You can generate a limited licence code whatever you want such as 1 week limit, 1 month limit or 1 year limit etc.If you don't know how to do it please email to us and we will send the limit licence code by email.

  • What is common door?How can I use the common door function?
    Most hotels have public place or valued service place likes spa, swimming pool, vip club, Sauna room etc.
    These place is open for VIP or special people who pays it.valued service place likes the restaurant, swimming pool, club,SPA etc.We called these place' common door'.
    To let VIP guest enjoy it well hotel usually don't allow other guests enter.In the past hotel should place a waiter on the entrance door to check guest's status.It takes time and not easy to manage.Now xeeder locks can filtrate guests by the function' common door'.Once guest's card has been opened a certain common door when programming, he can pass that door.

  • What is Hotel Lock System networked?
    This is another version beside standard. It is especially good fit for networked hotel lock product which is different with ordinary hotel lock product.  You can switch to networked version from standard software.

    In this system the user could get following powerfull function
    *Remote unlocking a door
    *Lock dead a door
    *No need battery,lock is powered by 100~240V AC POE adapter
    *Real-time monitor doors
    *Null card alarm

  • Can we use your hotel lock in office or school ?
    Yes, you can. And we already have successful examples that application in office and school. 
    Actually this hotel lock product also been called 'Card lock', 'Keyless lock' etc. It is available widely used in the public area which has demand that make filter for people's enter action.

  • What brand of elevator could install the elevator reader?
    It is depends on if your elevator's controller could identify our data format sent by the reader.
    The data is sent in wiegand-44. We can offer datasheet to you. Please send us email to get it.

  • Can the keycard been punched?
    Yes it is able be punched so that you can hang it in neck.
    For Mifare 1K card, you should very careful for the punch position because inside the card there are one chip on the corner and a circle style antenna (red line).

    For IC card, wherever postion besides the chip is punch available.

  • What is necessary for 1 hotel project?
    For 1 hotel, it requires following as usual
    1-hotel lock, 1pc/room
    2-encoder, 1pc/reception
    3-keycard, 1-3pcs/room
    The above is the basic kit.If you ask more function you may need following
    4-Wireless data receiver, 1pc/reception(It is used to download lock events on doors for tracking the history unlocking)
    5-Energy saving switch 
    6-Lock management assistant, 1pc/reception(it is an advanced handing device that for housekeeping)

  • What's Mifare?
    Mifare is a world lead contactless smart card technology developped by NXP . It belongs to Philips Inc.
    It has following feature.
    -ISO 14443 TYPE A international standard
    -13.56MHz frequency
    -3DES encryption
    -16 sector for data saving
    -contactless 3-10cm
    To know more please visit
    Each xeeder RFID hotel lock use Mifare contactless technology.

  • What's SLE4442IC?Why not Magstrip card?
    SLE4442 IC card is a classic IC card developped by SIEMENS Corp.
    Actually this two technology is similar
    Yes Magstrip card already been used in bank card for long term but there is a truth still that Magstrip card is easy lost data by magnetized if it placed with other Magstrip card together or cellphone for long term.

  • Can we have the hotel guest book on line?
    Xeeder's common product has't provide this function, our products is mainly desighed about lock and hotel lock system which can meet most of users' demand. So, in some respects, for user's special function, such as booking on line, it is belong to hotel management system, but we still have technology and capability about that, we could provide technology and service to help and assist you to complete your required function.

  • About the Authorization Card: each hotel system will get its own authorization card right?  And what about the license code?
    Each hotel system has its own authorization card with a hotel code marked on it.
    The license code in permanent is given by manufactures and it is only corresponding to you hotel code.
    Also you can generate licence code. We have sent you the secret-key card with 881A3D, with this card you can make authorized card and licence code.

  • When we set up the program, we set at office, but then we will have to download to customer site computer, how to do this?
    When you finish to setup the program, you can copy the whole folder ' hotel lock system v 5.6' to a USB disk.And take it to your customer side computer, then paste the folder, then you complete move it.

  • Under system setting --> parameters:  what does it mean by "Compensating time"?
    Interval- default is 20, this is a term that makes guest card range little bigger than the real to confirm guest can pass in his living term.
    E.g. here is 20, when guest check in 12:00 to next day 13:00, the real range in his card will be 11:40 to next day 13:20.

  • Can we calculate the cost of using the phone in the Hotel Management Program?
    Our system doesn't carry such a function of calculating the cost of using the phone.

  • Is it possible to take a picture of the hotel guest and add to the program?
    Yes, it is able to add hotel guest photo to software. The photo should be taken by manually(using Camera or CCTV) and saved in . jpg format.What we do is that give a function to allow you to import the .jpg photo into Hotel lock system.

  • How to use LA139?
    LA139 offers a easy and high efficiency daily maintenance for housekeeping.
    - Support quickly initialize locks(500 rooms capacity) for all Xeeder Hotel Lock standard product without need Time card and setting card
    - Check and adjust lock’s clock
    - Modify a room’s number
    - Collect 10 rooms(1 floor) lock events at one time
    - Verify cards comes from Xeeder Hotel Lock System including guest card, master card, floor card, building
    - Plug and Play, no need driver in windows XP/Vista
    - 5sec no operate LCD dies to save power,any button to activate LCD.
    - Button press sound
    - Easy to take
    - Rubber button
    Before using, please dowload LA139 manual from download  in website and read the manual carefully,  you will be clear about using way

  • How do the cards work in xeeder hotel lock system ?
     Following is the illustration of defferent cards.

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