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Hotel lock system electronic lock manufacturer

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Hotel Lock System v5.80
*OS Microsoft Windows 2K/2K3/XP/Vista available
* Graphical interfaces, easy to use for receptionist.
* 'Common doors' function adapt to the huge system likes the chamber, natatorium

L9208-M1 hotel lock
New type of ultra-thin panels, battery box with a removable bottom is easier to replace the battery. This is a luxury hotel for the locks. Design is simple but of great beauty, slim panels reflect the high-end positioning hotel facilities.

Lock management assistant-LA139
The handing device for hotel housekeeper manage the doors which equipped Xeeder RFID locks.      
It is small and easy take in pocket.The good tool for hotel housekeepers.

L6208-M1 hotel lock
*Zinc alloy panel with edge plating
*5 latch mortise
*RFID contactless read card
*Free-engage handle while locking
*40mm-50mm thickness door

L5218-M1 hotel lock
The sales top 1 model hotel lock,As a popular type of product,its design is simple and generous,no fancy style but suite for most of the different decoration style hotels.

L6108-M1 hotel lock
*Zinc alloy with surface plating plus PVD treatment
*5 latch mortise model-K2S
*RFID contactless read card
*free-engage handle while locking
*40mm-50mm thickness door


L5118-M1 hotel lock
*Stainless steel with surface plating plus PVD treatment.
*5 latch mortise model-K1L
*RFID contactless read card
*Free-engage handle while locking
*40mm-50mm thickness door

L9108-IC hotel lock
*Brass polish plus transparent finish
*5 latch mortise
*Unlock by insert IC card
*Free-engage handle while locking
*40mm-50mm thickness door

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