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RFID Electronic Locks

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     RFID electronic lock

Xeeder was lead of a group experienced electrical engineer and hardware engineer

Xeeder RFID electronic lock is a card lock which use a proximity technology.
It works by reading RFID card in contactless way.IC hotel lock is different with it.
It works by insert a IC(integrated circuit) card.It is SLE4442 IC card.
In future we will show a RFID electronic locks which could feedback room info instantly, receptionist have enough right could control every doors status. This system will be in a wire or wireless connecting style for all doors.We believe it will satisfy hotel users furthest.

Under the continuous effort of all department,xeeder RFID door lock product had been already approved by many hotel users in different regions including Greece, Turkey,India,Thailand,Malaysia,Saudi arabia.
Welcome constructioin wholesales, middleman and trader deals with hotels and buildings cont contact with us for seeking cooperation!

 The product navigate: Hotel lockDoor lockElectronic lockRFID electronic lockcard lock card lock
L8202-M1 hotel lock
deluxe lock

L8102-M1 hotel lock

Extreme deluxe hotel door lock


L8103-M1 hotel lock

Deluxe hotel lock


Elevator Controller

Block the people who intend to go to the floors that not inclueds his room.


L8203-M1 Hotel lock
Deluxe lock

Energy saver Networked KIT
Networked energy saving switch

Vienna Origin-9206
Vienna model new hotel lock in 2011

cabinet lock ST-002

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