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Hotel lock system electronic lock manufacturer

    Card lock for hotels
 →   RFID card lock
 →   TCP/IP network lock
 →   Internet lock
 →   Wireless network lock
    Card lock for home use
 →   RFID lock
 →   IC lock
    Hotel electric
 →   Energy saving switch
 →   Room Thermostat
    Access control
 →   RFID product

Energy Controlled Unit-S2508-M1/IC
*AC 180V~250V
*Max 30A current
*White color
*Working by insert correct Guest room card in valid term
*Xeeder Hotel Lock System required

Energy Controlled Unit-S3201-IR
*AC 180V~250V
*Max 30A current
*White color
*ABS fireproof material
*Working by insert any card item

Room Thermostat-D3101
*Single-phase 3 speed fan coil unit, solenoid valve,heating control
*220V AC
*DC 12V~24V
*LCD with blue color back light
*Rubber button with back light
*ABS fireproof material

Elevator reader

Installed in a common elevator.
Identify keycards comes from Xeeder Hotel Lock System


Energy saver Networked KIT
Networked energy saving switch

L9208-M1 hotel lock
New type of ultra-thin panels, battery box with a removable bottom is easier to replace the battery. This is a luxury hotel for the locks. Design is simple but of great beauty, slim panels reflect the high-end positioning hotel facilities.

RFID encoder-LA118
The program device that locate on reception.
All keycards programmed by it.

L5118-IC hotel lock
*Stainless steel with surface plating plus PVD treatment.
*5 latch mortise
*Unlock by insert IC card
*Free-engage handle while locking
*40mm-50mm thickness door



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